Of events, creativity and change

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When it comes to events or say conferences, be it an oil and gas or an artificial intelligence or a climate change event, it is not a remote phenomenon to all of us. Events have been a part of corporate culture whether inspiring people, sharing cutting-edge technologies, partnering through leadership, defining values and objectives etc. In fact, in 21st century businesses receive more information and face more discussions than ever before. Then what makes events so important and irreplaceable? The word is ‘connect.’ Events give that palpable platform where one connects with people, technologies, tools, theories and importantly to stories especially in these times. NEFT management, an event management company, shares a vision that paves way for knowledge transfer, keynotes, partnerships, interactive sessions, free-form networking in an effective way.

What makes an event more powerful is its effectiveness which is a product of creativity in storytelling along with communicating to audience in abstractions, numbers and analysis. Simply put, audience retain stories far longer than information. For instance, information does not reduce carbon footprint. It takes doing. And knowledge is information acted upon. To make knowledge or action impactful, it takes ‘creative doing.’ Audience learn what to do and how to assimilate through stories. In a socially connected world where billion of pieces of content are shared daily on social media platform alone, we are pretty sure that the world is not suffering from deficiency of ‘content.’ Knowing that it is absolutely essential that creativity to ignite differentiation, engagement and effectiveness in our businesses. Stories are effective when said creatively. They capture, direct and accelerate interpersonal connection, and help people rekindle the passion for their work.

Creative communications lead the change, and progress the business, and human race. Leaders find it pivotal in events that are ideal setting for knowledge sharing, face to face communications and productive relationships. With this as their objective, NEFT management is committed to deliver events, workshops, integrated conferences and exhibitions,  as well as bespoke trainings that spark off opportunities, stimulate ideas dispersion, share knowledge and surpass challenges through innovations and real-time solutions. And of course, act as a catalyst to drive the change.

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One thought on “Of events, creativity and change

  1. Nauseen Abbas says:

    Well Asif, they say content is king. Glad to know NEFT team takes care of it to deliver exceptional events.it assures, innovation, real time solutions…fall into line.
    Liked the term ‘creative doing’

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