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Innovation trends hog limelight in Dubai

Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

Latest Innovation trends and maintenance cycles have taken the center-stage at the ongoing GCC Plant Maintenance and Reliability Conference (Maintrel 2016) in Dubai. The event focused on the significance of reducing the overall operating costs, while boosting the productivity of the plants.

The conference showcased the industries’ commitment towards nurturing a sustainable environment in the oil refineries and petrochemical plants. It focused on implementing cutting-edge practices in the maintenance and reliability workforce from its conceptual stage to the useful stage.

Rafeeq Kunhi, Director, Neft Management said, “In a dynamic environment of increased competition, Maintrel is an effort to offer a platform for engineers and specialists to network with others and share success stories in technology optimisation, plant reliability and process optimisation.”
Neft Management, in collaboration with a committee of regional and international oil companies, is organizing this three-day event from April 19-21.

This event is an effort to provide a common platform unique and highly successful format bought together the Heads of Maintenance and relevant Solution Providers to a common platform to discuss the challenges, explore the latest trends, and offer insights and solutions and practical examples through in-depth discussions.

According to international consultants IHS, the export across the region is expected to increase by 8 percent annually in 2016, including a 6 percent rise in chemical exports compared to 2013. The MENA region has witnessed a rise in the refining and petrochemical industry that has facilitated by a changing global feedstock mix, driven by the availability of cheaper gas feedstock.

Kunhi added, “We are extremely delighted with the number of visitors at the conference. We are confident that this conference will serve as a strategic platform for key decision makers to

share views about evolving technology and strategies for ensuring the effective development of Middle Eastern oil and gas industry.”

Geared towards all aspects of maintenance and reliability of plants and Refinery, the exclusive conference witnessed more than 300+ government and industry attendees and representatives of Oil & Gas sector from Saudi Arabia, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Japan, and India on the first day. The three-day show, which is showcasing more than 30+ exhibitors like Saudi Aramco, Yasref, zymeflow, Weir Oil and Gas, Kanooz Industrial Services, SAP, Utopia, Al-Muzian, etc.

It has been witnessed that the key to the growth in the petrochemicals industry is the availability of, and access to, natural gas feedstock and refinery petrochemicals integration, following which the Gulf countries continue to enjoy significant energy benefits.

This unique and highly successful format bought together the Heads of Maintenance and relevant Solution Providers to a common platform to discuss the challenges, explore the latest trends, and offer insights and solutions and practical examples through in-depth discussions. The conference bring together the key decision makers, project advisors, maintenance managers, research heads, reliability managers, superintendents, engineers and technical managerial professionals to share views about evolving technology and strategies for ensuring the effective development of Middle Eastern oil and gas industry.

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MESC on Saudi Gazette

Steel experts focus on quality standards at MESC

Executives behind the 4th edition of Middle East Steel Conference

AFTER registering close to 30 percent rise in visitor turnout from its previous editions, the Middle East Steel Conference (MESC) scored an impressive performance on its first day. The 4th edition of MESC, which brings regional and international experts face to face from across the region and world, facilitates the exchange of practical experiences in all aspects of steel production and protection engineering.

Assisting industry experts by providing them access to global manufacturers and facilitating the adoption of latest innovations, MESC is a must-visit event for international and national industry leaders from across the steel, construction and oil and gas industry. The three-day show, which is showcasing major exhibitors from the industry representing brands like Saudi Steel Pipe Company, HIDADA, Global Pipe Company, Carboline, Conxtech, National Pipe Company, 3M from MENA region and Europe, will come to an end on Tuesday (April 19) at Inter Continental, Festival City, Dubai.

MESC 2016 provides an optimum opportunity for regional and international steel producers and related service enterprises, to network, exchange ideas and discuss the innovative industrial solutions and technologies that address the growing needs of the Oil & Gas Industry. While experts discussed quality and standards, they also highlighted UAE’s prudent economic policies that have maintained positive growth levels despite a decline in oil prices.

The region’s premier conference also focuses on enhancing the communication between steel mills, pipe manufacturers, structure makers and end users to overcome the challenges through using the latest technologies. In addition, the technical program highlights three main areas of interest including pipeline and tubular products, structural steel and quality and standards.

Hosted by Neft Management in collaboration with a committee of regional and international oil company representatives including SABIC, Saudi Arabia Chapter, Saudi Council of Engineers, Gulf Engineering Union, ASTM International, The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), the exclusive conference witnessed government companies like SASO and Saudi Council of Engineers, and industry attendees and representatives of Oil & Gas sector from different countries on the first day.

“The low-oil prices seem to have no negative sentiments for the steel experts. MESC is a true reflection of the industry’s growth. Turning out to be a magnet for the industry leaders, the 4th edition of The Middle East Steel Conference is indeed a milestone for us. We are overwhelmed by the response we have received and hope that the conference will serve as an insightful forum for knowledge sharing and best-practices for all our visitors,” said Rafeeq Kunhi, Director, Neft Management.

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Strong Feelings after MAF 2016

The common denominator of the oil & gas industry is to save time and money. The Middle East Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition had been initiated to stimulate the debate on cutting machine downtime thus saving ‘time’ and ‘money’ for major attendees, Saudi ARAMCO, and largely aiming to kick-start the transformation of manufacturing for the oil & gas sector in the Middle East.

Having attended the event and worked very closely with stakeholders (Saudi Council of Engineers, ASM Saudi Chapter and Prince Mohammed University) some strong feelings came across. Saudi ARAMCO had attended strong. Exhibiting, Sponsoring, Leading the Committee and contributing papers and presentations, they had been overwhelmingly supportive. Mr. Mohammed Al-Sultan – Manager MSSD ARAMCO had set the scene with an opening highlighting the scope left for development and betterment, and which was complemented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Majed and Dr. Hamad Al-Mostaneer. The overall support and been outstanding which was reflected by speakers, sponsors and exhibitors including Tamimi Energy, Alfanar, Sherbiny and InmaSteel to mention a few.

The feedback on the program agenda was heartwarming and a testament to the well forged relationship between the committee and Neft Management. The program was wholesome in so far as it engaged industrialists as well as academics. Dr. Dragos Axinte of Nottingham University had made comparable the repair and maintainance challenges between the aerospace and oil & gas industries which had been eye opening presentations, with one attendee expressing it was the highlight of the entire program.

Personally however, the program had left me with two strong feelings. Firstly, I had felt a lot of hope after seeing the turnout of industry leaders such as Flowserve, SAECO, Weir Oil & Gas, Sirius Star and many others, showing their support and pushing on with their agenda. Through having frequent chats with oil & gas professionals, there is a somber feeling because of the low oil prices, however this wasn’t the feeling after hearing Al-Sultan affirming ARAMCO’s push ahead with projects and development undeterred by how the low crude prices is manifesting itself. The final strong impression I was left with was a strong felt sense of comradeship. Having seeing Mr. Hamad Al-Mostaneer – Conference Chairman and Mr. Yaser Al-Shehri – Conference Organising Chair, personally showing their gratitude and lending their keen eye to improve the fine details of the program, has left me with the feeling that the conference isn’t just an event, but I was part of their team and community and both where invested in each other.

Events par excellence

Come April, Dubai’s events calendar will be packed with some insight loaded events. NEFT’s three major events lined up for April are all set to create new opportunities in the different sectors of Oil and Gas industry. The events that bring successful specialists, pioneers and leaders together to beat challenges and pave innovative ways.

Rafeeq Kunhi, Director of NEFT, is clear on this. He said: “At the heart of NEFT is a collective passion to deliver actionable insightful events. This year our main goal is to continue the good work. The good thing is the industry makes you work. That’s inspiring.”







April 05 – 07, 2016


Crown Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


(+971) 55 364 4568





April 17 – 19, 2016


Intercontinental, Festival City, Dubai


(+971) 55 844 8161






April 19 – 21, 2016


Ritz Carlton, Dubai


(+971) 50 410 2785




Of events, creativity and change

Welcome to iNSIGHT, the NEFT blog!

When it comes to events or say conferences, be it an oil and gas or an artificial intelligence or a climate change event, it is not a remote phenomenon to all of us. Events have been a part of corporate culture whether inspiring people, sharing cutting-edge technologies, partnering through leadership, defining values and objectives etc. In fact, in 21st century businesses receive more information and face more discussions than ever before. Then what makes events so important and irreplaceable? The word is ‘connect.’ Events give that palpable platform where one connects with people, technologies, tools, theories and importantly to stories especially in these times. NEFT management, an event management company, shares a vision that paves way for knowledge transfer, keynotes, partnerships, interactive sessions, free-form networking in an effective way.

What makes an event more powerful is its effectiveness which is a product of creativity in storytelling along with communicating to audience in abstractions, numbers and analysis. Simply put, audience retain stories far longer than information. For instance, information does not reduce carbon footprint. It takes doing. And knowledge is information acted upon. To make knowledge or action impactful, it takes ‘creative doing.’ Audience learn what to do and how to assimilate through stories. In a socially connected world where billion of pieces of content are shared daily on social media platform alone, we are pretty sure that the world is not suffering from deficiency of ‘content.’ Knowing that it is absolutely essential that creativity to ignite differentiation, engagement and effectiveness in our businesses. Stories are effective when said creatively. They capture, direct and accelerate interpersonal connection, and help people rekindle the passion for their work.

Creative communications lead the change, and progress the business, and human race. Leaders find it pivotal in events that are ideal setting for knowledge sharing, face to face communications and productive relationships. With this as their objective, NEFT management is committed to deliver events, workshops, integrated conferences and exhibitions,  as well as bespoke trainings that spark off opportunities, stimulate ideas dispersion, share knowledge and surpass challenges through innovations and real-time solutions. And of course, act as a catalyst to drive the change.